The next Thursday, August 3rd, a new Litecoin Halving will occur.

A Halving is the mechanism written in the code of certain cryptocurrencies (in this case, Litecoin) through which the quantity of units received by miners as a reward for their work is halved.

The Litecoin network's halving occurs every 4 years. Next Wednesday, at block height 2,520,000, miners on this network will stop receiving 12.5 litecoins (LTC) per mined block and start receiving 6.25 LTC until the year 2027, when a new halving will take place.

A Historical Look at Litecoin Halvings

Maybe you're thinking about investing in LTC right now, hoping for the price to increase in the upcoming days after the halving. Not so fast! Although past results are not a guarantee of future outcomes, the litecoin price history shows that the increase usually doesn't occur after the halving, but rather before.

Something curious is that, unlike what happens with bitcoin (BTC), in litecoin, the price increase resulting from the halving usually occurs about 40 days before the event. This is how it happened in 2015. In that year, the Litecoin halving occurred on August 25th, and the peak price of that mini-cycle was reached on July 8th. Something similar occurs in the next halving, 4 years later. The second Litecoin halving took place on August 5th, 2019, and the peak price of the 'halvingistic' mini-cycle was achieved on June 22nd. If history repeats itself, the LTC price increase related to its 2023 halving is one that would have already occurred several weeks ago.

The next Thursday, August 3rd, a new Litecoin Halving will occur.