Europe approves the MiCA Law.

Europe has just positioned itself at the forefront of crypto regulation worldwide. The European Parliament has approved the "Markets in Crypto Assets" (MICA), also known as the "MiCA" regulation, which is a new comprehensive legislation for the crypto asset market.

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Velox Crypto-Loan

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Have you ever wondered why you should choose Velox to apply for a loan? We have the answers! Safety first: At Velox, safety.

The Token VCL

The Velox or VCL token was created to facilitate access to credit for anyone in the world. It is a utility token of the platform.

Welcome to Velox Crypto-Loan!

Welcome to Velox Loan! Hello, we are Velox Loan! Our goal is to provide you with a quick, easy, and highly secure financial solution so that you don't have to

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Simulate a loan in euros, dollars, or USDT. Choose a payment plan, submit a cryptocurrency collateral of your choice, and we will transfer your loan to your bank account within 24 hours.

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