Welcome to Velox Crypto-Loan!

Welcome to Velox Loan!

Hello, we are Velox Loan! Our goal is to offer you a quick, easy, and extremely secure financial solution so that you don't have to get rid of your cryptocurrencies or sell them to get a financial loan. We want to be a partner to the crypto community by providing a service that simplifies and streamlines the busy lives of those in the crypto universe.


To better understand how our service works at Velox Loan, we have prepared a brief summary explaining cryptocurrency loans on our platform. Please check it out below: 

Why borrow with cryptocurrencies?

It's the best way to get the funding you need without having to sell your cryptocurrencies and lose the full potential of your digital assets' gains. Easily, quickly, and securely, leave your cryptocurrencies as collateral and obtain the credit you need with Velox Loans immediately. All deposited collateral is returned immediately after full loan repayment.

The most effective solution for cryptocurrency-backed financing

At Velox Loan, we provide flexible and affordable cryptocurrency loans for individuals and businesses worldwide. We also offer a simple application process, flexible scheduling opportunities, and a fast approval process.

Flexibility in loan repayment

Here at Velox Loan, you choose the loan repayment term for a period of up to one year and can make payments at any time before the due date without any penalties. If you believe you may not meet the deadline, you can come and renegotiate an extension for another year, increasing the loan's interest rate.

Velox Customer Support

We always strive to provide the best service and build a close and trusting relationship with our customers, so we understand the importance of providing all the necessary support to ensure a seamless experience. Therefore, we offer agile and personalized customer support to address any questions that may arise and provide any assistance needed.

Cryptocurrency loans for all cryptocurrency holders

Need money and have cryptocurrencies? Don't get rid of them. Simulate the loan you need on our platform quickly and securely. We accept BitCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Tron, and Tether as collateral (more models will be accepted soon). After the credited amount is paid, you will automatically receive your cryptocurrencies back in your wallet.

Visit Velox Loan and easily, quickly, and securely apply for your cryptocurrency-backed loan.

Still have any questions about our cryptocurrency loans? No problem. We will be happy to help and resolve them in the best way possible. Please contact us at http://www.veloxloan.com/contact and our team will respond to you as soon as possible."

Welcome to Velox Crypto-Loan!