Crypto panic in the market.

Market collapses, Bitcoin falls to prices we haven't seen in 18 months, and what will happen now?

I start by saying that since the beginning of this year 2022, we have had strong news about a possible market crash due to high inflation affecting global economies.

This leads us to consider possible scenarios we could be entering right now. The close relationship between the crypto world and technology companies makes us think that the global market may enter a possible worldwide recession.

No one can accurately predict how far the crypto market will fall, but what we are sure of is that if a strong bearish movement occurs, Bitcoin will drag everything down, leading to the disappearance of many projects without a solid foundation or strong development team, as we have seen with many similar cases. Now Celsius Network an American fintech that offered 18% annual returns, has suspended withdrawals, and many other companies in the sector are doing the same.

All of this is nothing more than the result of irresponsible money printing, which not only causes the crypto market to decline but also affects everything in its path. Currently, the United States is experiencing inflation levels not seen in 40 years.

This puts us in a scenario that we had already assessed a few years ago, with the possible end of the dollar's hegemony as a strong and dominant global currency.

It is crucial to emphasize that the money we invest should always be funds allocated for this purpose, not something that will jeopardize our future peace of mind.

So it's time to be cautious. If we have some altcoins, we should evaluate their fundamentals, the team behind them, and other factors to make an informed decision about whether to hold or have liquidity. Remember that it is always a good strategy to buy Bitcoin gradually whenever its price drops.

Crypto panic in the market.